Intercultural consulting and workshops for Germany, Spain, Portugal & Latin America

With our intercultural workshops and intercultural consulting services we provide effective communication across cultures

The world is colourful! Turn to the experts to communicate successfully in foreign cultural contexts concerning  Germany, Spain, Portugal & Latin America.

Within Europe there are countless cultural differences and each country does business in its own way. This is even more true when we talk about Latin America, where everyday life is already so different from that in Europe.

Body signals and verbal or written expressions are often misunderstood and thus lead to an unprofitable waste of time and money – you often cannot really understand the real reasons for this on your own.

Let experts in this field advise you: Our German-Hispanic team will successfully open the doors to foreign cultures for you.

Topics of our workshops and services

Country-specific business culture

Verbal and non-verbal communication

Country comparison


Dos and Don´ts

Dress code

Conflict management

Team and project management

Secondment & relocation management

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