The Deutsche Bank has published in May 2014 a report with the title: „The Pacific Alliance – A bright spot in Latin America“.

The report written in English contains interesting information including key figures about the countries of the Pacific Alliance, which are important for every enterprise that has already established business relations with Latin America or intends to do so.

Founded in June 2012, the Pacific Alliance is a regional block consisting of Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico sharing a free trade agreement.

As listed in the first of the three chapters of the report, being titled „What is it about?“, we have as follows:

  • free circulation of goods, services, capital and persons;
  • faster growth, development and competitiveness;
  • increase ties to the world, especially to Asia-Pacific.

The second chapter of the report, titled „Combined strengths“, contains concrete up-to-date numbers of GDP, import and export, inflation rate and the investment climate of the Pacific Alliance in comparison to other countries of Latin America.

„Challenges ahead“ is the title of the third and last chapter which, among others, describes the following challenges for the future: unstable currencies, the declining copper price and the commodity export dependence.

In summary: The member countries of the Pacific Alliance have reached considerable results within the short period of time since its foundation. The distinguish themselves by a high growth potential, a minor slow inflation rate and a positive business environment.

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Report in English

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