Hannover Fair – Workshop: „Making business through the world, intercultural colors and accents“ 12.04.2013

Within Europe there are diverse set of countries with their own culture and business codes. This cultural diversity is even more notorious with the rest of the world, where the way of life diverts a lot to the way of life in Germany and some other European countries.

Indirect and nonverbal language are often misinterpreted creating confusion and avoiding the transmission of the right message. If there is a lack of cultural understanding, people will not be able to understand the reason of this behavior and therefore incapable of closing a business, which would represent at the end, considerable amount of time and money wasted. 
As part of the Hanover fair, one of the most important trade fairs worldwide, our Director, Mr. Alejandro Palacios Tovar, will give a practical and theoretical lecture about this subject, providing practical business examples and tools in order to be able to deal with these challenges successfully.
12.04.2013 at 12:00 pm
Hall 13, Stand F50

Deutsche Messe
30521 Hannover, Germany

Take part in this workshop and discover an effective way to interact across different cultures.
The attendance is free of charge for fair trade visitors.
Registration via email
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