Business meeting on occasion of the official State visit of President Juan Manuel Santos – 13.04.2011

On April 13th 2011 was held a business meeting in the Allianz SE Forum of the city of Berlin within the framework of the official visit in Germany of colombian President Juan Manuel Santos.

The event was attended by around 300 German businessmen interested in the Colombian market and in hearing the words of a President that in such a short time has managed to continue and improve international confidence in Colombia, something already achieved by his predecessor.

President Santos was proud of having an agenda with issues such as science, education, research and innovation, leaving evidence of the ability of Colombia to contribute on these issues at international level.

The words of President Santos can be read here (translation from the Embassy of Colombia in Berlin).

German businessmen reported about their experiences in Colombia and giving his vote of confidence to a promising country.

The director of our company, Mr. Alejandro Palacios Tovar was invited by the colombian Embassy in Berlin to attend the event. In a brief interview held with the President, Mr. Palacios Tovar congratulated him for his good management.

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