“German Goverment´s strategy on Latin America and the Caribbean”

Our company was glad to accept the invitation sent from the German Federal Foreign Office and could  attend the presentation of the „German Goverment’s strategy on Latin America and the Caribbean“ held on Wednesday, August 4th. at 12,30 h. Meeting point was the Federal Foreign Office, at the Unterwasserstr. 10, in Berlin.


More than 400 people gathered at the event, which was chaired by the Federal Foreign Minister, Mr. Guido Westerwelle. The Minister introduced the guidelines for cooperation with Latin America which actually meet the current european trend not only to fix the gaze on Asia, Middle East, North Africa, North America or even Europe but also on Latin America and its huge possibilities. The German Government wants to cooperate with Latin America and the Caribbean in areas such as economic relations, science, research and cultural issues.

Key points referred by Minister Westerwelle were following:

  • The importance of Brazil, not only as a business partner but also as a G20 member who takes part at decision-making of the world’s most important affairs;
  • Small countries such as Uruguay, which counts on a large German migratory history and may be for many German small companies a gateway to get into Latin American markets;
  • The exchange of students between Germany and Latin America as the primary basis for the construction of future fruitful and long-lasting relationships between both regions and the important role that on this task German educational institutions in Latin America play;
  • Shared responsibility regarding environment protection, agricultural research and tackling organized crime;
  • Common search for solutions including support for renewable energies implementation;
  • The Government’s intention of organizing in 2013 „The German Year“ in Brazil.

The Minister was asked for 3 personal wishes on Latin America, to which he answered that he wishes there would be a strengthening of youth exchange between Germany and Latin America, that a dialog on a par with the region would be established and that Central Europe would not look down on Latin America.

The amount of events on Latin America that are being held at the moment in Germany confirms the interest of the European country on the region. The next event, which our company will attend, is the „9th. Ambassadors Conference on Latin America“, which will be held in the Foreign Office in Berlin on September, 7th.

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