Oct. 21, 2009. Presentation at University Reutlingen, Germany

On Wednesday October 21st. Mr. Alejandro Palacios-Tovar held an interesting Conference that presented Colombia as an attractive destination for investment, tourism and university exchange, and also focused on intercultural aspects that differentiate the way of life and the way to do business in Germany and in Colombia.

The Conference was held within the framework of an event dedicated to Colombia which served as a culmination to the degree MBA for the Colombian student Hernán D. Benitez. This event was supported by the European School of Business of the University of Reutlingen, as well as by other sponsors, including our company.

Mr. Palacios-Tovar’s conference was very welcome from the audience. According to the information we collected, the image of Colombia projected by Mr. Palacios-Tovar during the event was very positive, very attractive and finally awoke interest to go to this South American country either to work or to study, as well as the curiosity raised as a tourist destination.

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