Integration of Foreign Professionals

Seminar "Awareness Training – Integration of Foreign Professionals"

The different concepts of time, hierarchy, etc., but also the misunderstandings in communication make teamwork extremely difficult. As a result, the integration of foreign skilled workers is increasingly important in order to eliminate these problems or prevent them from somehow arising.

Seminar goal: Raising awareness about working together with foreign skilled workers in Germany.

Duration: 8 hours


- Intercultural competence
- Culture and cultural dimensions
- A new world – a new life for the Impats
- Personal and professional goals in Germany

About the country of origin of the new colleagues:
- XYZ-country: Interesting facts about the country and its people
- Central cultural aspects in the XYZ-country

Working in Germany:
- Relationship building, communication
- Team leadership, team building, chierarchies, conflict management
- Project and schedule planning
- Importance of service and quality, decision-making spaces
- Understanding of contracts: importance & meaning of formal agreements

Living in Germany:
- The work colleague as a human being
- Business etiquette

During the training, the trainer will adapt to the needs of the participant, where the participant will have the opportunity to ask questions at any time.

Methodology: Case studies and exercises, theory, PP presentation, testimonials, cultural assimilators, videos.

Price and other conditions: please contact us. We design our intercultural trainings according to your specifications.


Picture: Gerd Altmann - Pixabay