Business consultancy

Many European companies and institutions would like to access the German-, Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking markets. However, there are many obstacles along the way that make this endeavour difficult, and if they are overlooked it would represent a waste of time and money or the subsequent abandonment of the business project.

conttigo bridge the gap between European and Latin American companies. Our company provides a wide range of services with professionalism, expertise, and insight cultural knowledge which guarantee a successful access to the target market.

Our team combines the kindness and the friendly treatment of Latin-Americans and the rigorousness and objectivity of the Germans at approaching our customers. In conttigo we feel 'at home' on both sides of the ocean and this insight allows us to guide our customers safely, effectively and reliably advise to face the different economical and cultural approaches that each international project entails.

Our "Business consultancy" area offers the following services:

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